Cocktail Class 101 – The 25 Essential Drinks

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Why mix drinks at home? Several reasons:

1. It’s a WHOLE lot cheaper than drinking out (safer too!)
2. It’s great fun to become the drink “chef” and mix your own.
3. You can generally make better at home than at the average bar.
4. It’s even more fun to make cocktails for friends.

If you’re going to be the cocktail geek, you’re going to need to know these 25 essential drinks that everyone should know how to make. Highballs don’t count. If you can’t mix gin and tonic or whiskey and soda without a recipe you need to spend some time back at pre-school, not Cocktail U Class 101.

Thanks to and adapted from Serious Eats: Drinks
Bloody Mary

(YA) Basic Bloody Mary

Yet another basic Bloody Mary mix. Good, tasty, basic. Perfect for breakfast.

Emeril's Mashed Potatoes

Emeril’s Mashed Potatoes

Nothing extra fancy here. A warm, tasty, comfort food that should be in every kitchen recipe box and Emeril Lagasse’s recipe is one of the best! Adjust to your liking, but we’ve found these proportions …

Emeril's Veal Stock

Emeril’s Veal Stock

This stock can also be made with beef. An excellent stock that becomes a basic ingredient in lots of recipes. When we make a batch, we’ll double it and freeze what we don’t use right …