Food For Thought

Why the heck is there Yet Another Recipe Blog??

We’re Michael and Melanie. We share a love of Mid-Century Modern architecture and design. We also love to garden, explore new wines, travel, cook, and of course we love to eat. That’s why this web site is here.

We started with cookbooks, magazines and recipes passed down and around from friends and family. While there is nothing quite like the feel and usefulness of a book, they are occupying more and more of our severely limited space. I tried getting books and magazines as electronic files and added a home server to store them. Even with a tablet, it wasn’t the most convenient method to access them.

With the arrival of Pinterest, collecting recipes became even more of a time sink. And worse, most people pinning a recipe don’t stop to check that the source of their pin is the creator of the recipe. Far too often the pin came from some spammy site that simply sucks images from creative, hard-working bloggers that originate the recipe. The final blow was when I discovered some of my pins that link to the original recipe had disappeared! While I had a nice photo on my pin board, the recipe was lost in the bit-bucket of the Internet.

So Recipes from My Mid-Century Home was born. It’s a resource for ourselves! A place to collect our favorite recipes and those that are in the queue with high hopes to become favorites. A place where we will be sure resources won’t go away until we are ready to have them gone. Where we can share our discoveries with our family and friends with a simple link to the web site. And where we can easily reference the ingredients and methods, in the kitchen, on the patio, at a market, at a friend’s home or on our travels.

We decided to make it this site public. As it grows, others may find a resource here. That’s great because we love to share our discoveries and passions with others. If you like what you find, feel free to Like it, Pin it, Post it, Bookmark it or Print it for your own use.

So in the end, this is not another recipe blog. It’s our personal Cookbook!

Enjoy — we do!